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Badminton Summer Season

Badminton News, Club News

Sign up for the Summer Season now!


Summer sessions start on 20th May 2019 for 15 weeks until 30th August 2019

£66 per member for B and C+ grades (2 missed sessions)

£71 per member for C, B+ & A grades

£30 for Grade C/Open Graded as a third session

Monday              C+/B

Tuesday             B/B+ (Old Hall) 

                               A (New Hall)

Wednesday      C/C+

Thursday          B+/A

Friday                C/Open Graded

Court and shuttle allocation will be based upon the number of members signed up in advance

Pay and play each night is available at a charge of £8 to non session members

Signing up to the sessions will allow you an unlimited number of visits to your grade nights throughout the summer season.

(Friday night session needs to be paid for in addition to your normal session unless you are graded C)

Forms available at reception