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Following a request from a member to provide a little more detail about the Pedal Studio, here is the rationale behind the project.

6 Months ago a member of the board and the club development manager were made aware of a potential business opportunity.  A pedal studio company based in the next street (Elm Grove) were coming to the end of their lease and were looking to rent an area to continue operation.  Following a meeting between the 2 companies it was agreed that WRFC would look into the possibility of converting our snooker room as this area was underutilised. Several quotes were obtained to transform the room and install a full height wall with viewing panels for squash.

With the monthly rent from the hire, plus regular commission from each class the board felt it would be a profitable venture for WR&FC. Also and equally important to the board, this opportunity would give us the chance to improve not only our building, but also our service to members. By negotiating a 50% reduction for our full members and 30% for off-peak members we consider this added facility an important benefit to our members.

The current lease is for 5 years with an 18 month break clause if needed.

Non WR&FC members who visit the studio will not be able to use the car park, the gym or book courts. Pedal Studio have told their members this and we will also be monitoring it. So far they have been very respectful of our rules and have not abused our parking.

We fully expect to recover the costs of the improvements to the building within 18 months, and therefore expect it to be profitable from the middle of 2019.

So far 30 club members have taken up the offer of free trial class. We encourage you all to give it a go and try out a session.  Happy Spinning!